Bloggeuuuurrr, memory collector, until-2am-photo-editor.


Photographer, personal luggage carrier, part-time comedian.


Idealist. Hopeless romantic. Life enthusiast. Professional dreamer.

Marta is a 22-year-old girl born in Barcelona, Spain. Where does she live? “Wherever her heart takes her”, she likes to say. Currently based in Paris, she has been fully united with her soul mate after a globetrotting relationship (because the term ‘Long-Distance’ sounds so dull to her…).

Her passion for beauty took off at an early age, being regularly caught experimenting with an overload of blush and mascara, while swimming in the high heels and dresses of her mum.

At the age of 15, Marta took her first official steps in fashion by part-time working as a model, and soon fell in love with the entirety of this industry because of its endless possibilities and creativity.

True believer of pursuing one’s aspirations, she entered the Fashion, Design and Luxury Management master’s program at the Grenoble Graduate School of Business in Paris, after obtaining her bachelor in Biotechnology.

As a Parisienne in-the-making, Marta is submerging herself into the city that can proudly claim to be the cradle of fashion, with its endless ateliers, flagship stores and history of craftsmanship.

Trying to live by the Disney rule: if you can dream it, you can do it.